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ECRABMYKVUHCAA - Mac - NotesUIWorkspace.URLOpen - Fixed an issue in HCAA on the Mac where opening urls was using the internal embedded browser vs external...
SSARBNFCXKNotes - Fixed a crash that occurred when deleting the last document from a folder. This regression was introduced in 11.0.1
RKRYBMTPUANotes - Mac Catalina - Fixed an issue where the client would hang when using the calendar timezone drop down control with two finger...
CSMHBMUQWYClient - Mac - Fixed a problem where a hang could occur when scrolling using the vertical scroll bar when the mac OS setting "Click in the scroll bar...
RCCYBQ8U53Fixed an issue where HCL Notes is susceptible to a Stored Cross-Scripting (XSS) vulnerability (CVE-2020-14240) - See KB0084789
RSSNBNFJ7LClient - Mac - Fixed an issue where an extra white line was being displayed below the subject line when replying.
SANEBTKARQClient - Fixed an issue where open a delegator's mail file would result in a workspace icon being added for their database.
ASHABUNEU8ICAA - Fixed an issue where Scan Unread and Scan Preferred options were not working.
RKHABWDP4BClient - Fixed an issue where PowerPoint 97-2003 (.ppt) document type was not supported for View/Import. This regression was introduced in...
SAHNBR5ALTClient - Mac - Fixed intermittent failures where trying to open a new mail would result in user geting the "Application Terminated"...
HNAKBS9KQ9Client - Workspace - Fixed an issue where the "Stack replica icons" option was being enabled each time "compact workspace" was performed if user was...
RSSNBSSEYWClient - Mac - Fixed an issue where client would crash with Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (SIGSEGV)
AYAVBUVD2YClient - Mac - Big Sur - Fix an issue where Notes quits suddenly while switching between the Mail/Calendar/Contact views
SAPLBPEFVWClient - General - Fixed issue where action bar text would be truncated in some screen resolutions. This regression was introduced in...
SAPLBWQFEPClient - Windows 10 - Fixed an issue where mail, calendar and contact text would appear blurred. This regression was introduced in...
SAPLBWQHTDClient - Editor - Fixed an issue where the tail of characters like g, j and y were not displaying correctly in mail when editing. This regression...
PCHNBXPPHAClient - Windows - Fixed an issue where Notes Client opens specific URLs in embedded Browser instead of Edge. This fix can be disabled by setting...
RSSNBY9GWUClient - Logging - Fixed an issue where console.log contained unneeded log entries in the form of "ChangeWCTTabTitle> Returned DWORD:...
SPAYBZUFAJClient - Kiosk mode - Fixed an issue where Esc, Alt-F4 and double click on window title would allow user to get to the desktop when running in Kiosk...
SUPNBVFNWUClient - Menus - Fixed an issue with the standard client where Menu options were disappearing after some use. Workaround was to restart the...
HNAKBUND6TClient - Fixed an issue where Notes would intermittently crash when navigating using the keyboard while browsing email.
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